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Diabetes Outlook

Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Finding out that you have Type 1 diabetes can really blow your mind. All of a sudden, you're supposed to make all kinds of changes so you can take care of your diabetes. You might think diabetes will run your life. But it doesn't have to be that way! Let's look more closely at what's really involved and think about strategies that will help you put diabetes in its place:

  • Eat right!
    Make one or two changes each week. Start with scheduling three smaller meals and two snacks each day. Add more non-starchy veggies throughout your day, and choose a healthy snack that consists of protein, like nuts or light yogurt.

  • Exercise!
    The secret to making exercise a permanent part of your life is to make it fun. Pick something you really like to do! Then invite some friends to come and have a blast with you.

  • Look out for your feet, eyes, and your insides!
    Now this one's super easy! Just take a few seconds every day to check your feet for cuts or sores that don't heal. And have regular eye exams and lab tests to make sure your eyes and the organs inside of you are fine.

  • Keep track of your blood sugar!
    Check out meters online or ask your diabetes educator about the ones they use. You can find a meter that's just right for your lifestyle. Then make sure to use it exactly the way your diabetes educator tells you to.

  • Get the insulin you need!
    You can take insulin by injection using syringes, insulin pens or with a pump, which is a small device that continuously gives insulin through a small tube attached to your body. Pumps can make getting your insulin a lot easier. There are many different types of insulin available. Find the right fit for you, with help from your doctor or diabetes educator.

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