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How to Track Diabetes Simply, for Busy Lives

So you check your blood glucose and it's fine. You check it again and it's borderline. You check it at night and - Well you get the message. You check your glucose a lot! It becomes tough to keep track of all those numbers throughout the day or even during a week.

But how do you figure out your progress over time?
Which foods are good for you?  Which ones to avoid?

If crunching numbers and charts on the fridge aren't your thing, you'll love one of those do-it-all glucose meters or online tracking tools. They'll eat up all those little numbers and make sense of them. Some spit out your average diabetes performance over a week or month. Others turn the number jungle into an easy-to-read chart. You may even be able to email everything to your doctor, right from your meter or online!

How do you find your perfect meter match? Here are some things to look for:

  • Does your insurance pay for the meter and the supplies to go with it?
  • Can your diabetes educator show you how to use it?
  • Is it easy to clean and calibrate for the type of test strip you are using?
  • Does it do what you want it to do? That's the fun part! You can pick a simple meter that does some no-nonsense calculations or one that will make your home computer turn green with envy.

And, if your meter just has to be a certain color, or you want one with numbers big enough for you to read, or a cute one that disappears in your pocket, rest assured that there's a dream meter out there for you. Take time to check out meters! You'll find the one that speaks to you. The time you spend up front will keep you going when your life doesn't stop for blood glucose checks.

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